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Pet Medical Care and Behavior Consultation in Your Home
Our goal is to give pets and their people a better life together. Keeping dogs and cats healthy and happy requires both medical expertise and a thorough understanding of how behavior and health are related.
Dr. Lee Harris is a veterinarian who provides a broad range of housecall services in San Diego County.  Dr. Harris brings more than 35 years of veterinary experience and study of animal health to the care of his patients, and he is available to come to your home and help with your pet's problems.
Medical care: Most routine medical problems, including skin, intestinal, heart and lung, urinary, and hormonal, can be diagnosed and treated in the home environment.  Dr. Harris can provide most types of laboratory testing, and when x-rays or ultrasound are needed, he has access to these services at a local veterinary hospital.
Surgery:  With a wide range of surgical experience, Dr. Harris can perform most needed surgery in the surgery room of a quality veterinary hospital.
Vaccinations and routine care:  When needed, vaccinations and other routine care can be provided.  An effort is made to recommend only those services that are actually needed, and Dr. Harris will discuss what vaccines and parasite treatments are in the best interest of the animal.
Behavior consultation:  Dr. Harris has cultivated an interest in pet behavior for many years, and he has been offering behavior evaluation and treatment in the San Diego area for several years.  The most frequently treated problems include anxiety issues, reactivity disorders, and compulsive problems, but any behavior that seems unusual should be investigated to determine whether it involves a medical problem or needs behavioral treatment.
Second opinions:  Pet owners are often concerned about whether they are doing the right thing for their pet.  Dr. Harris can often provide more information and help dog and cat owner's with the hard decisions that they may face when their pet is sick.

PRESCRIBING MEDICATIONS:  Currently most of the medications used in animals are available at human pharmacies or internet pet medication websites for less than any veterinary hospital can sell them for.  Dr. Harris will write prescriptions that can be filled at pharmacies or online websites when medications are needed.  These savings help to keep pet care affordable.

OUR GOAL is to help pet owners provide the medical and behavioral care that their pet needs by customizing this healthcare to each pet's unique needs.

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